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Lesson 1: The VoiceOver Quick Start Tutorial

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In the Quick Start Voice Over Tutorial you will learn the basics of Voice Over key commands, how and when to use them and most importantly why to practice, practice, practice.

Remember: If you don’t use it you’ll loose it.

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There are a total of 23 panels in this Quick Start tutorial, with VoiceOver keyboard commands you will need to know in order to use VoiceOver with your computer.

To start the Quick Start Tutorial simply press Control-Option-Command-F8 and the tutorial will begin.
Note: If you ever need to go back and start the Quick Start Tutorial from the beginning simply press the “Escape” key and the tutorial will start over with instructions as how to go back to the beginning.

Quick-start panels:

    1. Introduction to The Quick start Guide

This is the first panel and when you start the Quick Start Tutorial you will hear VoiceOver read some instructions for using the tutorial. It is very important that you listen very closely to everything that VoiceOver is saying here.

    1. Practicing what you’ve learned

In this panel you will get some more instructions for how the tutorial will present you with at the chance to practice what you have learned. Again you should pay very close attention here.

    1. VoiceOver keys — location of the Voice-Over (VO) keys

This panel will explain to you where the VoiceOver(VO) keys are and what they are used for.

    1. Getting to know your keyboard — command-K brings up keyboard help

This panel will explain how to access and use the built in VoiceOver Keyboard Help for learning about your computers keyboard and also for discovering some VoiceOver keyboard commands.

    1. Moving around the screen — navigating and working with different elements on the screen such as radio buttons and checkboxes

This panel will describe how VoiceOver is used for moving around the screen and accessing some certain on screen elements such as Checkboxes and Radio Buttons.

    1. Adjusting the voice — choosing the desired Voice-Over voice, and how to adjust voice volume, rate, pitch, and intonation

This panel shows you how to make adjustments to how VoiceOver sounds on the fly.

    1. Selecting controls — how to select Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

This panel will show you how to select a Checkbox or a Radio Button..

    1. Selecting items in popup menus – how to navigate to, and select items in, popup menus

This panel will show you how to work with a Pop Up Menu.

    1. Typing in text fields — how to type in text fields, including password fields

This panel will show you how VoiceOver works with Text Fields like those found on websites for filling out a form. This will include normal text fields such as First Name, and also Password fields.

    1. Interacting with elements — how to interact with text fields, tool bars, tables, or controls, and navigating while interacting

In this panel you will learn the VoiceOver concept of Interacting with an element. This is done with such items as a Toolbar, Text Fields, HTML Content, and many other types of on screen elements. For most VoiceOver newbies this is the most difficult part of learning how to use a Mac but if you practice this panel everyday you will soon find everything else about the Mac falls right in place.

    1. Navigating In tables — how to get column and row information within tables

This panel will teach you how to use VoiceOver to read the column and row information in a table.

    1. Selecting A date and time — how to set a date and time

This panel will show you how to work with a Time and Date field for changing the value in each.

    1. Using Steppers

Explains how to change these vertical on-screen controls by interacting and using the up and Down Arrow keys

    1. Using The Dock

This is a collection of icons on the edge of the screen, making it easier to open applications.

    1. Using The Menu Bar

Explains what Menu Bars are, what they contain, and how they appear in different applications

    1. Navigating Web Pages

How to navigate and maneuver around web pages.

    1. Using The Web Rotor

How to use this navigational tool to quickly find links, headings, form controls, tables, and other elements on a web page.

    1. Using Auto Web Spots

How to navigate web pages using these automatically generated elements based on the visual layout of a webpage…

    1. Practicing Web Page Navigation

An area to practice navigation in web pages using VoiceOver.

    1. Using The Multi-Touch Track Pad

Explanation of what the Multi-Touch Track Pad is and how to navigate using it.

    1. Practicing Track Pad Gestures

An area to practice the Track Pad gestures, using VoiceOver, described in the previous panel.

    1. VoiceOver Review

An area to practice the VoiceOver commands you have learned.

    1. Getting More From Your Mac

The key combination to open VoiceOver help, and how to open VoiceOver Utility, as well as an explanation of what each is.

For the new Mac user it is very important that you take the time that it takes to work through all 23 panels in the VoiceOver Quick Start Tutorial. Although we do acknowledge that this may seem a boring task for you to do, it will help you tremendously when it comes to learning how to use VoiceOver on your Mac.

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