IOS VoiceOver Gestures

This post will give you the gestures used in IOS. First will be pre iPhone X and then iPhone X then it will be iPad specific gestures. Please remember gestures can be changed at different times so we will keep this updated as much as possible. Please use the ask a coach feature if anything does not seem to work as advertised.

After the iPhone pre X gesture list will be the original recording VaShaun and I did. It gives you and idea on how things should sound when performing gestures.

Pre iPhone X gestures:

1 Finger:

Flick right: Move to next item.

Flick left: Move to previous item.

Flick up Move to previous item using rotor setting.

Flick down: Move to next item using rotor setting.

Touch: Select item under your finger.

Double tap: Activates the selected item.

Triple tap: double tap the selected item.

2 fingers:

Rotor: 2 fingertips next to each other. Slide one down and one up or turn them: Clockwise for next rotor item. Counterclockwise for previous rotor item.

Scrub: 2 fingers next to each other slide right then left. Go back.

Split tap: touch with 1 finger then a second to activate item.

2 finger single tap: Pause or continue speech.

2 finger double tap(Magic Tap): Starts or stops current action. Like a call or music.

2 finger triple tap: Item chooser.

3 Finger:

3 finger single tap: Read items summary.

3 finger double tap: Toggle speech on and off.

3 finger triple tap: Toggle screen curtain on and off.

3 finger quadruple tap: Copy last spoken phrase to the clipboard.

3 finger flick down: Scroll up 1 page.

3 finger flick up: Scroll down 1 page.

3 finger flick right: scroll left 1 page.

3 finger flick left: Scroll right 1 page.

4 finger:

4 finger single tap near bottom of screen: Move to the last item.

4 finger single tap near top of screen: Move to the first item.

4 finger double tap: Start or stop gesture practice. Also done with 2 finger scrub.

4 finger swipe left: Switch to the previous app.

4 finger swipe right: switch to the next app.

Listen to the original recording here:

iPhone X Special Gestures:

iPad Special Gestures.

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