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Audio Performance Series

Audio Performance Series

Create. Edit. Perform. 

Cover bands don’t change the world, you have to find your unique voice if you want to stand out.

We’ll get you up and performing in no time.

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From the studio to the stage, master your sound and take control with the Audio Performance Series.

Brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLc.

Whether you’re a guitar hero, the next American Idol, or more like Dr. Dre without the Ph.D., this course will help you master the software and gear to capture, produce and publish the world’s next big hit.

Built for newbies and audiophiles alike, you’ll explore some of the most popular audio production apps, including Garageband and Logic, as well as the necessary gear to get your sound next level, such as microphones, mixers and more.

Audio Made Accessible for All!

Because audio knows no limits, the Audio Performance Series has been designed to support users of various assistive technologies, including Apple’s born accessibility options like VoiceOver and Zoom. All course content has been design to showcase accessibility throughout the audio production and performance processes, but if you’re ever stuck, you’ll have direct access to your coaches via email or community forums.

Capture Your World in Sound

From pop songs to podcasts, the Audio Performance Series walks you through the software and gear you’ll need to record and digitize your audio. You’ll explore settings and equipment to record pristine audio and create your first project.

Produce the Next Chart-Topper

Once you have quality audio, it’s time to mix the volume, add effects and arrange the sections of your masterpiece. Discover the features that will take your sound from practice to professional as you explore common production tasks and how to accomplish them with your own projects.

Bounce it Down and Get it On-Air

You’ve tweaked, tinkered and teased your audio, and now it’s time to publish your project for the world to hear. We’ll show you how to save and export for wherever your sound is headed to next, whether it’s a demo reel, full-length album or an online podcast.

What’s Included in Your Audio Performance Series Membership?

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• Weekly Modules
In-depth weekly modules help you master your sound through powerful features and tasks. Through voice-guided and hands-on lessons, you’ll go from ground zero to topping the charts in no time.

• Ask – A – Coach
Your direct connect with our skilled producers and coaches, Ask a Coach gives you private access to ask questions about your projects and process. Ask a question inside your dashboard, and get a personalized response within 24 hours.

• Monthly Master Classes
Live calls to connect the dots in the production process, your monthly master classes give you a chance to see how the previous month’s lessons fit together and engage with your coaches and community to put your skills in practice.

• Weekly Quick Tips
Intended to amp up your projects right away, your weekly Quick Tips come as short, yet actionable tidbits to go next level with your audio production software and tools.

• 1 Hour of Private Coaching
Take a seat in the Producer’s Corner during private coaching sessions. Discuss areas you’d like to grow, sticking points in your projects and get in-depth instruction customized to your goals in this 60-minute, one-on-one session.

• Backstage Pass
Putting the knowledge to work, Backstage Pass shows you how we use the same concepts discussed in the course to create, produce and publish the world-class audio content here at Fedora Outlier, LLC. You’ll see the ins and outs of our workflow to help develop and implement one of your very own.

• Appointed Affiliate Program
Earn while you learn, the Appointed Affiliate Program puts 25% of your purchase price back into your pocket with each new subscriber you bring in via your unique registration link.

Register as an Audio Performance Series member today.

Audio Performance Series
Audio Performance Series
Podcast creation, audio engineering, mixing, mastering and production is now at your finger tips as we walk you step by step on using both Garage band and Logic Pro X


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