iOS Master Series

The iOS Master Series delivers all the skills and techniques you will need to master your iOS device!  This series is great for beginners and pros alike, there is always something new to learn when it comes to technology.  If you’re unfamiliar with the apple software in general, we recommend this course as well as the Mac Master Series to fully hone your skills.

Our assistive technology coaches walk you from taking your iOS device out of the box to mastering every built in accessible feature.

Here’s what’s included in your yearly membership…

Tip: Press VO Spacebar or one finger double tap, on any of the following links, to play them

• Weekly Modules

• Ask – A – Coach

• Monthly Master Classes

• Weekly Quick Tips

• 1 Hour of Private Coaching

• Backstage Pass

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iOS Master Series Membership
iOS Master Series Membership
Our assistive technology coaches walk you through taking your iOS device out of the box to mastering every built in accessible feature.


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Fedora Closes Its Virtual Doors September 1, 2018

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Fedora Outlier LLC is closing our virtual doors to new members of all of our TEACH series Saturday, September 1st.

We will focus on the current members as we recreate the best teaching platform for assistive technology the world has ever seen!

Our membership series has grown dramatically and they include entrepreneurs, creatives, podcasters and coaches who are looking for resources and connections to help them find or create work they love.

The success stories have been amazing - and now we’re going to close the doors so we can focus on the specific steps needed to help these members grow and prosper.

If you have a strong desire to find or create work for yourself and other individuals with a disability then…
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