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Winner, winner – chicken dinner!

Hi there!
If you missed last weeks FAQ Friday, you may have missed who won our $100 giveaway!
If you didn’t see the drawing, You can catch up on it and any others you may have missed on our YouTube channel @
Melissa Henslee, if you are out there and reading this: reach out to us at to claim your grand prize!
Now that that’s out of the way..
We are still working away at google world, perfecting our teach series and going through more of your questions that continue to pour in!
This week we’ll be covering the following:
 • How do I close my case with VR successfully?

• How do I take photos and videos and know that everything is in the frame and viewable?

• How do I make money on the internet?

That’s all for now, folks – We’ll see you Friday!

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